Thank you being part of 2016…

By November 23, 2016 News

Wow Ballers…Thank you so much for being part of 2016…we’ve got a big pack down goin’ on at Los Flambardos at the mo. We will post a list of lost property on The Lost Marbles Facebook page tomorrow morning with collection details…

We also want to tell you about 2017, May 26-28th! After our 10 year blowout back in May were proud to be turning back the pages to the early editions of The Ball and concentrating on the Devil in the Detail…smaller but more special…creating even more decadence for your dollar! Very limited early bird tickets are available now from just £49 (cheaper than 2017) and deposits starting at £19

We’ve also moved the event back to the Bank Holiday so you can really get stuck into the legendary Super Sunday and will be presenting something very new and exciting all we can say is…. Arrive at the Check-in Desk, and take the night flight on a journey around the globe of long lost counter cultures, nightclubs, and legendary parties…be prepared for a weekend like no other…MB x

“Buy the ticket, take the ride” Hunter S Thompson

The Masked Ball. No ordinary weekend.

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