The Masked Ball 101

By May 24, 2018 News
  1. Slide into Coney Island and lose yourself in New York sleaze and cosmic disco.
  2. Pick up your ‘Ball Bag’ and empty your sack for cash on Monday!
  3. EXPLORE! Arrive early, wander around the site and get your bearings before nightfall. It’s a huge site with 9 venues, so grab your mates and get on an adventure!
  4. Bend your hungover ears around Daily Lizzie, the BBC wildlife presenter, and listen to her talk on animal sex…
  5. Grab your parking permits online in advance and save yourself some cash on the door.
  6. Run through the Super Sonic Highway
  7. Catch the Ball anthem, Psychemagik’s remix of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere at midnight Sunday in the Grand Ball Room.
  8. Get a photo With the Masked Ball sign and #GetMaskedUp or #TheMaskedBall for a chance to win 4 Annual Top Baller Passes for all 3 of our events…
  9. Unwind and sip on a cocktail in a hot tub overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. Catch Daft As Punk play in our re-imagining of their ‘Alive’ show pyramid.
  11. Let’s Have A Ball you lot.


    MB x

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