45 Live presents '45 Years of Hip Hop'

Resident Turntablists 45 Live return for a Halloween Hip Hop special take over of the Magnum Bar for a ’45 years of hip hop’ special.


It’s 45 years since the official birth of hip-hop, from Kool Herc’s block parties in New York to world domination. It was 1973 when the notion of mixing records and extending breaks first took hold, and with it came rapping, breakdancing and painting, not forgetting the fashions and indeed the social aspect which saw creativity take the place of inner city violence.


The cultural palette that Hip Hop draws from is vast, and when sampling became ever more accessible, the musical direction of hip hop as an art form exploded. Especially from the late 80s onwards – the Golden Era – which is aptly termed. The likes of De La Soul, ATCQ, Gangstarr, Main Source and a million others took their MPCs and concocted layers upon layers of invention, creating an endless stream of spectacular records.


45 Live is going to celebrate these past 45 years, drawing upon hip hops influences from funk to soul to post punk and beyond, and of course spinning many a classic hip hop joint, all on 7” 45rpm singles!


45 Live’s main men Pete Isaac and the block rockin’ Boca 45 will be joined by 2 x time world champion DJ Woody. Woody is often referred to as the best DJ on the planet, constantly. His inventiveness and outright skills on a pair of turntables is literally breath-taking. From performing as a standalone DJ to turntablism as part of a live band, he can do it all.


Also on the bill is the incredible DJ Cheeba, another turntablist of fine repute. Hailing from Devon originally, Cheeba has forged a career through Solid Steel, Ninja Tune and more recently as a D/VJ performing incredible shows from music based themes to re-scores of movies on 2 x turntables, a mighty talent.


Performing LIVE will be golden era UK hip hop from Caveman. Their seminal album ‘Positive Reaction’ dropped in 1991 to great acclaim, featuring the stone cold classics ‘I’m Ready’ and ‘Fry You Like Fish’. The whole album is a masterclass in hip hop, sublime sampling creativity, dope rhymes and a strong positive message, and funky as hell!


Hosting the whole night will be rapper/MC Mysdiggi, now the house MC of 45 Live, Mys has been ruling the mic at the last few Masked Ball events now, and is a force to behold!


It’s going to be tour-de-force of turntablism, hip hop classics, banging funk and a non stop block rockin’ throwdown.

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