The Masked Ball is excited to announce a new area for 2017 alongside our traditional venues such as The Grand Ball Room, The Terrace etc..we present ‘A Voyage Through The Underworld’

Arrive at the portal after dusk and take a journey through dark tunnels transporting you into iconic venues and the legendary parties that happened within their could journey into a Brixton Squat in the 80s, Chicago blues club in the 40s or iconic New York discos in the late 70s.

The carefully curated production has been in the making for several years and we’re really excited to be able to bring it to life in 2017…


Shire Huts

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Accommodation packages are available at the the 2017 May ball full details below. All boutique camping options are situated in a separate area close to the event with stunning views…


Thank you being part of 2016…

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Wow Ballers…Thank you so much for being part of 2016…we’ve got a big pack down goin’ on at Los Flambardos at the mo. We will post a list of lost…


Coney Island Photos

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Wanna be back there on Coney Island with all those lovely Freaks and Human Marvels? Well these are gonna take you there…Photos from our very own Matthew Smith……

The Masked Ball is a spectacular all night party staged in Cornwall by some friends and since its conception in 2006 it has grown into a multilevel party kingdom where themed venues range from outrageous to downright unsavoury and spectacular, where a mélange of fascinating entertainment emanates from the many nooks and crannies in the ultimate ringmaster’s den of iniquity: myriad rooms, dens, dance floors, hidden bars, bathtubs, world-class dance clubs and an unrivaled line-up of underground international DJs…

The Masked Ball isn’t just about the music, its a surreal and strange sideshow in a night time wonderland. A myriad of rooms, dance floors, dens, hidden bars and unpredictable nano-venues.

The Underworld

Arrive at the portal after dusk and take a journey through dark tunnels transporting you into iconic venues and the legendary parties that happened within their could journey into a Brixton Squat in the 80s, Chicago blues club in the 40s or iconic New York discos in the late 70s.

The Grand Ball Room

The original ball room. The crown jewel of The Ball since 2006 cut into the cliffs of the manor garden. With stunning views over Mounts Bay expect the red carpet, chandeliers and boogieing until dawn.

The Garden

Disco till Dawn a little piece of New York cool comes to Cornwall curated by disco experts Future Garden and Alfesco Disco. Attention-whore hipsters, rowdy lesbians and off-duty DJs compete for space on the dance floor.

The Terrace

Cut into the Cliffside in 2012 one of the most beautifully situated venues with stunning views over the Atlantic and solid musical curation by the South West’s funkiest promoters Jelly Jazz. An especially popular place on Sunday to slurp copious amounts of hangover-battling bloodies.

Balls Deep

Those of you that attended the May Masked Ball in 2012 may have already bopped in Balls Deep, but now we have Balls Deeper – a tent that you enter via a slide and, fall into a plethora of balls brought to by The Loose People loons.

Durty Disco - The Samurai Temple

Delicate pink blossom floats under the crisp blue sky in a tranquil setting in the mountains of Japan. In the distance a harsh but clean thudding incises the ears. Your horses nostrils flair as a sharp kick to the ribs jolts him forward. Deep bass and piercing treble hits you like a solid wall as your horse slides to a halt. People flooding the streets like water pouring over the broken banks of a river, climbing and clambering over one another to achieve their ultimate goal. Bells clang and crowds separate and two by two the mighty samurai approach through a sea of red and black lanterns hanging like vultures overhead. Marching towards the temple engulfed by the din of the crowd the samurai halt. Silence ensues as the sea of bodies watching, willing, waiting…

"The Masked Ball not only attracts the most vibrant, positive bunch of smiling people we’ve ever met in our lives, but everyone makes an effort. Whether it’s indulging in an awesome costume or just being damn-right friendly, everyone signs up to the ‘Leave Your Ego Behind’ philosophy of The Masked Ball."

HTF Magazine

"The very idea of The Masked Ball is to get dressed up, bring your self and party! This was certainly done with aplomb, with almost everybody making an effort to dress up to the occasion. The vibe was one of the friendliest we’ve experienced at a festival. An overriding feeling that everyone had left their egos and problems at home to just come and party. A rare but welcome thing of beauty!"


"The Soundsystems were loud crisp and clear, with an impressive light show befitting of a much larger festival. Some serious time and effort has been put into this, with several stages of varying sizes and shapes supplying plenty to keep you interested. Outside the tents there were visual treats aplenty including a fire breathing dragon and a giant disco ball skull!"


"The first bank holiday in May is rapidly becoming synonymous with being in one place and one place only and that is just where 247 decided to be with 3,000 other people for this years utterly amazing Masked Ball in Porthleven, Cornwall. Expanded into two days and with twice the capacity, Saturday night saw the event sell out in the face of slightly uncertain weather before bursting into full on Kernow sunshine effect all the way into far too early Monday morning.”

247 Magazine

“With probably one of the most beautiful, up for it and dressed to the nines crowd you can possibly imagine the annual Masked Ball thoroughly deserves its place in the hearts of all those who go. It’s one of those west country events lovingly produced by an incredibly hard working crew of local superstars who toil tirelessly to give their punters the best time ever in an amazingly beautiful cliff top location looking right out to sea. Consequently it deserves all the support you can possibly give.”

247 Magazine

Kernow Springs Eco Spa

Kernow Springs Eco Spa return to the ball for another year. Their wood burning hot tubs, Sauna yurt, showers and chill out lounge are guaranteed to add a little more glam to your Ball. Read more and book here.